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We are a small LICENSED breeding kennel here in the state of Ohio, GO BUCKEYES!!!. 

We are not a glamorous, fast paced, glittery, look at me, send me the money, I mail you the dog kind of web site.  We invest our time in caring for all of our Fur members, not flanting our web page! 

 AS many of you already know, they are out there!!

There are many web sites and ad's for puppies from individuals, or business' that are NOT a Licensed Breeder or even a Licensed business.  In fact, they are not even the Breeder at all, they are the broker, dealer or basically the "middle man". 

The Commercial Dog Breeder's Act went into effect March 13, 2013.  Dog Breeders and Dog Retailers must register with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, as well as the County for which they sell puppies!

Aztec Kennel is Licensed with both Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Butler County Auditor.

We raise our own puppies and "YES" we have the parents to them.  We do not sell to pet stores nor do we broker our puppies.  We do not "meet" potential fur families, we prefer you to come to our home and see where and how your new fur addition is raised.

Hubby and I both work from home and are here 24 hours a day to properly care for our fur kids!!  It takes alot of time, sweat, and tears to groom, keep up with sanitation, have visitors, answer texts, emails, phone calls, vet visits, medicating puppies, updating pictures, (the hardest part), and of all, have family time.  So we do miss out on vacations and away time, but that is the sacrifice for caring and loving what we do, raising wonderful fur children!!!

We first started raising toy puppies in 1992 after purchasing three chihuahua family members.  We became so interested in these little critter's and how much joy they had given us, we decided to share the joy with others and began raising a few litters. 

 Presently, we raise a variety of puppies including our famous Maltipoo, Shipoo, Yorkiepoo, Morkie, and Shichon puppies.  (We realize not everyone wants a Chihuahua, so we began giving families more of a variety to choose from). 

 Most of our fur babies are completely non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

Our puppies, and their mom's and dads ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILY and we spend much time with them.  We feel that socialization and precise breeding ethic, will create good quality, healthy family member's.  Also giving us the opportunity to meet other great families, such as our new "fur families"!! 

Welcome to our home!




After many years of an old wooden sign that no one saw, we finally went with a new idea!!  So far it seems to be working well, not too many folks are passing our driveway now!!  This is our "original" sign, it was made in 1996.  It stayed at the end of our driveway until we replaced it in May, 2011.

Welcome to our Nursery!!  This is where we are born and raised until it is time for mom to start the weaning process to get us ready for our new fur families!!  Air conditioned, heated, with lots of toys and a great indoor play area for rainy, cold days!! And a super outdoor play area for warm, sunny days, we even have a swimming pool!! 



A beautiful day to romp outside after our fresh spring haircuts!!


Mom's and dad's are happy it is Spring!!


Our play pen is ready!!  Thanks mom!

We are very excited to have Banana's in our Ohio nursery!!  It is warm and cozy in our fur kids nursery, so I assume the Banana tree is happy, even in Ohio weather!!